One Tired Mother…

I am sitting here tonight, eyes drooping, struggle bun tied up on the top of my head, praying tonight will be the night all three of my daughters will finally sleep until morning.  My body is achy, telling me going this long without sleep is not natural.  However, it must be natural because our littles wake up from night terrors, teething issues, fevers, the flu, you name it each and every day! I am beginning to believe that the word mother is synonymous with fiercely tired.

I am tired.  I am #momtired.  I am a working mother who is blessed with three amazing children all three years old and younger.  My life is dominated by the numerous roles I play within my family, career, and spiritual life.  I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and teacher to name a few- let alone each and every role embedded within them.  I feel like we are in a constant state of chaos.  I truly believe my title in life should be Chaos Coordinator and my name tag would read “One Tired Mother.” I manage, embrace, and perfect chaos on a daily basis.  This is what I think it means to be MOM TIRED.

Let me tell you a little bit about MOM TIRED.  Mom tired is when you wake up at 12 A.M. to a crying seven month old who is teething and once you finally sooth her back to sleep, the two year old she shares a room with wakes up because she had a nightmare that the stuffed animals in her rom were coming to life.  You manage to calm both children and zombie walk to your bedroom when you hear your three year old calling out your name because “her nose is sad and it won’t stop crying.”  She coughs, sneezes, and tears up because the illness that was making its way through daycare has finally hit your household.  You calmly try to give your three year old cough medicine, to which she promptly spits out and informs you she will not be taking it because it tastes yucky.  By the time everyone is back in bed sleeping, you just spent an hour of your precious sleeping hours running around.  You finally make it back to bed where your husband is snoring as loud as a jackhammer and creep quietly back under the sheets.  Your husband hasn’t heard any of the chaos you just tackled in the middle of the night.  That is mom tired.

You lay down knowing in exactly one hour your seven month old will wake up again from teething (I swear they have tiny internal alarm clocks that go off the moment they sense mommy is about to sleep) and it will all start over again.  Mom tired is knowing you will need to wake up in 4 hours and begin the morning circus of getting all three kids ready for daycare, and somehow look put together for work.  You need to be on your game to answer questions like, “Mommy, why do we need to change our undies every day? Mommy, why can’t I eat worms if they look just like gummy worms? Mommy, where do hippos come from?” This is the chaos coordination I was talking about before.  Get three littles to brush their teeth and their hair, clean their faces, keep the clothes on you just tried to put on five times, buckle up and remember every paper, extra set of clothes, check, jackets, and nuk for daycare is in itself a full time job.  Each morning you tackle all of this before you even get to your place of employment.  I am not even going to touch on after work and bedtime routines.

This is why I am writing a blog.  I am mom tired, but I want to tell each and every woman out there I am here for you! We can do it! We can be mom tired, but still know we are rocking mommyhood.  There are those gem moments that make it all worth it.  When you are rocking your baby to sleep and she coos while looking at you, you think, “Wow! I am so blessed.” The moment when your three year old lays her head on the pillow and whispers, “I love you so so so much Mommy,” and your heart melts.  The moment your two year old finally masters a new skill like putting on her own shoes and looks up at you smiling a big, toothy grin- those are the moments that make mom tired all worth it.  Those moments are everything.

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I am a mom of three girls all under the age of four who is trying to navigate through motherhood. #girlmama

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