Harry Houdini Has Nothing On a Toddler

Alright everyone, here’s a question I have been thinking about a lot lately… How do toddlers learn escape moves that would give Harry Houdini a run for his money?  Truthfully, each morning I wonder what brave new escapes my toddlers will be performing for me today.  Let’s break it down to the top three escapes performed by children three years old and younger…

  1. The Escape from the Clothing You Just Put on Them! Anyone who has ever tried to dress a toddler will know what I am talking about.  Not only are you sweating as a parent chasing down the toddler to put on a new, clean pair of pants, but within minutes those leggings your daughter was rocking are NO WHERE to be seen, and I mean NO WHERE! How did your toddler escape out of the clothes, but also manage to hide said clothes in a spot even FBI agents couldn’t possibly find?      Scoreboard: Toddler-1     Mom-0
  2. The Escape from the Diaper! Now you may think this goes along with clothing, but no.  Diapers are a whole other category.  I do my best to put on a diaper right after baths, and I make sure they are on good and tight.  But POOF! While changing my infant into pajamas, those diapers have now become victory flags waving in the air as the toddlers run room to room in the house.  Houdini and his straightjacket escapes have nothing on a toddler and diapers.                            Scoreboard: Toddler-2     Mom-0

    photo of white purple and blue smoke
    Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com
  3. And Finally, The Escape from the Crib! You finally lay down your toddler for a peaceful night’s slumber and expect your angel to drift off to sleep, but again NO! Houdini could learn a few things from toddlers and their disappearing acts.  Somehow your tiny toddler manages to hoist herself over the sides of the crib, shimmy down the edges, and tip toe to the door, where she will promptly open it and run as fast as her little feet will take her into her sister’s bedroom.  They will giggle and laugh as they plan the escape from the sister’s bedroom, and make it down the hallway past your room.  They are trying to make it to the living room where the treasure of toys are waiting to be played with.  But Mamas, we have some awesome hearing and walk out of our rooms to hurry the toddlers back into their beds.  They sprint so fast and jump back into their beds that you would have sworn you were watching the NASCAR Cup Series.  Who teaches toddlers these feats of disappearance and escape? How do they become masters of these skills at such a young age?  Some questions parents are just not meant to learn the answers to.

So there it is… The top three escapes as performed by toddlers.  Each and every escape baffling the minds of parents each and every day.  Also, if you have been keeping score…

Scoreboard: Toddler-3      Mom-0 

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I am a mom of three girls all under the age of four who is trying to navigate through motherhood. #girlmama

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