Perfection and Motherhood

Hey mamas out there, I want to tell you something I know you have heard before, but allowed it to go in one ear and out the other.  Now listen up this time because this information might change your outlook on life.  Okay, here it is- put down the laundry, mop, vacuum, swiffer, or dust pan you currently have or are about to go get.  Put it down and take a breath, and repeat after me: My house does not need to be spotless.  My home does not need to decorated like an advertisement in a magazine.  My kid’s lunches do not need to look like the Bento Boxes you see on Pinterest, and my wardrobe does not need to look like it came straight off the runway.  We are allowed to sit down and enjoy our nights with our kids.  We are allowed to relax after a long day at work, and if the dishes do not get done the world is not going to end.  This has been a struggle for me.  I try so hard to make everything perfect that I am burnt out.  Going back to work has shown me life doesn’t have to be perfect.

Honestly, I have always felt pressure from society that says we need to have it all together as wives and mothers.  The house should be spotless, dinner should be Instagram worthy, and we should look put together with flawless skin and make-up with perfectly done up hair.  I have tried to fit into this mold and I will tell you it is impossible.  I am a mama who runs on dry shampoo and coffee, and that’s okay.  I would rather spend my time playing, reading, and relaxing with my children.  Each and every night I lay them down to sleep, they wake up another day older.  My time with them is precious.

So no, if you walk into my house right now you will not see a spotless advertisement for HGTV.  You will not see sparkling windows so clear you think they aren’t there.  I will tell you what you will see.  You will see crayons and markers out because we were just drawing pictures of princesses, unicorns, and dinosaurs.  You will see handprint smudges where we had our faces up against the window watching the turkeys walk across our front yard in the living room.  You will see dishes that need to be done and laundry that could be folded, but you will also see my children laughing and giggling while we have a dance party in the kitchen.  That is our life.  Nothing perfect, but that is our life together. If you are reading this, please know life isn’t perfect, and it doesn’t need to be.  We are good enough just the way we are- unfolded laundry and all.

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I am a mom of three girls all under the age of four who is trying to navigate through motherhood. #girlmama

One thought on “Perfection and Motherhood

  1. I love this so much! I’m a mom to 2 girls and I tried making everything perfect, organized and scheduled. Now I do less of everything!


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