My Nickname Should be Busy…How to be Busy and Still Take Care of You

We are all busy.  Busy has become the response anytime someone asks me how I have been.  I was thinking about that idea of busy. The more I think about busy, the more absurd it gets.  That is no way to live.  There are so many truly wondrous things that happened each and every day, and yet we go through life blinded by the busy-ness we place on ourselves.  It is our choice how we fill our days.  This new year, I really am going to focus on better self-care.  Yes, life will continue to be busy, but I want to see all the magic this world brings to us each and every day.  Here are a few ways to slow down and take a moment for yourself!

  1. Breathe. Yes, something we do constantly, but hardly ever do mindfully and with intention.  Take a moment, take a few deep breaths, and feel your batteries recharging.  It is something so simple, and only takes a few moments.
  2. Daydream. Daydreaming gets a bad rap.  Give yourself a break and daydream a little! See where your daydream takes you, and your mind will slow down and relax.  Who knows, you might even figure out how to make mornings less sucky (my current goal…)
  3. Sip a hot drink.  Whether your drink of choice includes black coffee, hot coco, tea, or something a little stronger, nothing is more relaxing than getting a moment to enjoy your warm refreshment.  I prefer coffee, but am really trying to limit my caffeine intake…
  4. Do something nice for someone else.  Buy the next person in line’s coffee, write a co-worker a note, pick up your hubby’s favorite dinner, leave $5 at the checkout and have them apply it to the next person’s order.  Doing something for someone else makes you feel good inside.  Spread the love people!
  5. and finally- Do something nice for yourself. Personally, I really like those cheap mud masks you can find at Target for only a dollar something and watching my favorite show on Netflix.  While I might look like the masked figure in a horror movie, those masks make me feel like I can take a moment to myself in my hectic day.  FYI, yes there have been many nights where I walk into my girl’s bedrooms because someone is crying and the mask is still on my face, and let me tell you- toddlers do not like it when their mommy’s face looks like a mushy marshmallow (as my child do kindly informed me). Those masks might not be your thing, but find what gets you to chill for a bit and do it.  The end- end of story.

I hope some of these suggestions help you take some time for yourself, or at least slow down a little bit in your busy lives.  As for me, I am going to set the computer down, go make myself some tea, and put on one of those masks before I sit down to watch some baking shows on Netflix.  Good night!

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I am a mom of three girls all under the age of four who is trying to navigate through motherhood. #girlmama

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