Thankfulness and Gratefulness Mindset Make-Over

Hello Everyone!

I have not been able to write on here in some time.  Many of you know I have been tackling a few new things in my life, and in doing do had to take a momentary break in my blog.  However, I am back and ready to go with a new appreciation for what this blog brings to my life.  So a little update on me, our youngest just turned one… yes, my littlest babe is the big 1 and I am having all of the feels… What does that mean for us as a family, what does that mean for me as a mother, what does that mean for me as a graduate student, and what does that mean for the future family planning in our household?  I can tell you this year has definitely been one of the most difficult I have ever been through.  The ups and downs have taken their toll on me, but I know I am a stronger, more independent woman because of it.  So here is the topic of this blog post- there is so much to be thankful for! Thankful for those around you, thankful for the air you breathe, thankful for the laughs of your children filling your ears and your heart all at once.  We can get caught up in the hustle of life that we forget what is most important.

I am going to challenge myself this week.  I am going to wake up and write three things I am grateful for each morning.  I want to start my mornings off with a grateful heart, and see where the day takes me.  I want to see the positive in the world from the moment I open my eyes each morning, to the moment my eyelids fall closed each evening  The second part to my challenge will be to write down ten things, yes 10 THINGS, each night that I am grateful for within that particular day.  I want to train my brain to focus on those positives throughout the day, and recall them before my head hits the pillow each night.  Who is with me?  Who is ready to take on this mindset make-over? I will try this this week, and share my experiences with you all.  Here’s to a thankful and grateful week 😉

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I am a mom of three girls all under the age of four who is trying to navigate through motherhood. #girlmama

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